Auto detailing is the act of performing a thorough cleaning, restoration, and protecting of a motor vehicle.

Most think when you buy a new car, it comes off the factory floor and goes straight to the dealership in perfect condition.  Unfortunately, this is not the case. Chances are, it has been quite some time since it was at the factory, and you had better believe that the car has swapped hands once or twice. Sure, it’ll be spot cleaned and buffed a few times to “cover up” any imperfections that happen along the way.

Most importantly, ~99% of brand new vehicles have no paint protection and have some embedded contamination. That combination will deteriorate the paint surfaces much quicker than you think.

Protect your investment from day 1! You wouldn’t drive your new car without insurance, so don’t drive it without protection!

The clay bar treatment is a decontamination process. Clay removes any kind of embedded contaminates that are harmful to automotive paint. Its non-abrasive texture will make your surfaces feel extremely smooth. This procedure is done after washing and before protecting the painted surfaces. Unfortunately, many shops will skip this process because it is very time consuming although it is one of the most important.

Yes, we have a key drop box located just to the left of the office door. We prefer customers dropping their vehicles well before their scheduled appointment times.

We accept the major credit cards, cash, and checks.

Please call us as soon as possible to reschedule the appointment. Most of our services take between half to several days and we keep a very tight schedule.

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