Q - What is Detailing?

Detailing at Rush Group is a meticulous and systematic approach at rejuvenation and protection of various surfaces of Automobiles, Motorcycles, and even small boats. This includes Exterior Paint, Wheels, Engine Bays, Interior plastics, upholstery and carpets.

Q - I am purchasing a new car and want to properly maintain it, when should I get my first detail?

Immediately! Protecting your investment should be your first concern after purchasing a new vehicle. It would be nice to believe that a new car should look immaculate but sadly, this is not the case. After transportation, storage, delivery and dealer cleanup, your brand new car will not look its best. There are many reasons why you should immediately have your vehicle detailed. 90% of cars today are delivered by rail which means that before the car is even loaded onto a truck the fresh paint surface has already been contaminated by rail dust. This contamination must be removed as soon as possible to prevent bonding. Once it has bonded to the vehicles paint it will oxidize and lead to premature surface rust. Some parts of the vehicles exterior will be covered with a protective film which after being baked on by the sun will leave a sticky residue that washing alone cannot properly remove. Most vehicles sit outside of the manufacturing plant after assembly which leads to exposure to environmental fallout from spending time in an industrial area.

Q - What does Wax do?

Wax not only makes your paint surface look better by increasing clarity and depth, it also protects against contaminants by creating a barrier between the clear coat and the elements. If your car does not have adequate protection the paint will deteriorate and oxidize much faster. Waxing your car will also allow is to stay cleaner for longer because contaminants will have a harder time sticking to the surface.

Q - What is the "Clay Bar" process?

The Clay Bar process removes paint contamination such as surface rust, brake dust, overspray, road tar and environmental fallout. Removing contamination from your paint not only improves its clarity, but also it's health. Once contaminants bond to your paint's surface they start damaging your clear coat by oxidation. Most contamination is comprised of hundreds if not thousands of very small rust specs that if left alone will continue to grow with time. This will lead to premature rusting of your vehicle. Contamination cannot be removed by washing, polishing or waxing. Claying the vehicles surface leaves the clear coat extremely smooth feeling and undamaged. We very strongly recommend a coat of wax or paint sealant immediately following the contamination removal to ensure a layer of protection to prevent new contamination.

Q - Can you pickup and/or deliver my car?

Yes, we can. To guarantee availability, you must schedule an appointment ahead of time. It costs $11 for every 5 miles (in a one way trip). This is because it takes 4 trips to complete. 1) Driving to pickup 2) Returning to Rush Group 3) Delivering Vehicle 4) Returning to Rush Group again.

Q - Can I drop of my vehicle after hours?

Yes you can. Just leave your car in our very safe, well lit parking lot preferably in front of the main entrance and drop your keys in the drop box next to the door entering our waiting room. If space is available, you can also drop off your car before close on the day before your appointment and we will store the vehicle inside for the night.

Q - What are your hours?

We are open from 8am-5pm Tuesday/Wednesday, 8am-6pm Thursday/Friday and 8am-4pm on Saturday. We are currently closed on Sunday and Monday.

Q - What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Credit (Visa, MC, and AMEX), Debit, and Personal check (Must have Valid Driver's license to show)

Q - What If I cannot make my appointment?

To prevent scheduling complications, we require at least a 24 hour cancellation policy before your appointment or else you will be billed.

Q - Do you sell the Detailing Products that you use?

At this time, we do not. Look for a full line of Rush Group Detailing Products in the future.